Chloe Marcie Crossbody - question

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  1. My Marcie bag delivered today and I feel like it is a little off. I opened it up and noticed that the one side caves in where the other doesn’t. Is this normal/eventual wear and tear? I got it from Saks and it was just wrapped in tissue.

    IMG_9712.jpg IMG_9714.jpg IMG_9713.jpg
  2. I actually have this bag in the same color from Saks. It's quite normal for the bag; the leather is soft and the structure isn't reinforced by anything but the stitching really. If you keep it stuffed when you're not using it, you won't have an issue with the bag losing its shape.
  3. I just purchased this same exact bag from Saks in the blue. Mine is rounded on both sides. Mine was stuffed with paper on the inside so maybe thats the difference.

    Really love your color! Thats the color I wanted but got the blue.
  4. I don't think this is normal wear and tear....but due to poor storage on Saks' part. I have 2 of these (this style and the one with the long tassel) and the sides are still properly shaped after use. One actually arrived to me unstuffed.

    That being said, as the malformed area is under the flap, if it's not noticeable or otherwise doesn't affect the shape when wearing it, it's probably worth keeping. This color sold out fairly quickly online and some of what they showed available was phantom stock leading to order cancellations, so it may be hard to find a replacement.
  5. Thank you guys! I feel better about keeping it -- it is annoying, but I'll probably be the only one to notice it. Maybe stuffing it would fix it.
    marina2042 - the blue is pretty! I was considering that one too :smile:
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