Chloe, Marc Jacobs, and Celine under..... $700

  1. @ Nordstroms in Towson, MD. They have:

    Heloise crossbody
    Celine boogie bag
    One Marc Jacobs lrg satchel

    and a Bay bag for $1k from $1800

    ask for Mary (410)296-4111 Designer handbags:tup:
  2. Thanks, Ali! What color is the Heloise?
  3. No problem:tup:!!!! I believe she said it was Bordeaux! Here's a pic of what it looks like:
  4. Hi ali,
    I just admired the anthracite color... it's beautifully understated .

  5. It is a very pretty color:yes:!
  6. thanks for the post- any more info on the marc jacobs bag??
  7. Thanks for letting us know, ali!