Chloe makes it to the big screen

  1. So my boyfriend and I were watching tv tonight, and I just about lost my dinner. There was a preview for the dumbest movie I've ever seen....I think it was called Little Man. The next thing I know there in the back ground is my Chloe Whiskey Paddy bag:sick: I'm sorry maybe I'm being rude, but why does such a beautiful bag have to show up in such a lame movie!!:mad: Anyway, if you all happen to see this preview try to look for it in the back ground. Hopefully I'm wrong, and it was just a cheap knock off.
  2. i noticed that to!! it made me glue my face to the screen and im like "CHLOE?!" and my bf is like what?? haha. i thought it looked like a fake though. so we'll wait and see when the commercial comes on again lol. good eye girl!
  3. :lol: rebbecca, that is so funny about your bf because I had my hubby rewind (tivo) he scene so I could verify that it was indeed a whiskey paddington that was sitting on the kitchen counter in the scene. He said, "that's what you noticed when you saw this scene?!"
  4. ^ lol!! handbags are starting to become the first thing i notice about other women.. even fictional women! haha
  5. I saw this preview in the theater! I think the paddy shows up in other scenes, too! If I remember correctly, something is dropped into the Paddy, (a diamond or something?) so the little man poses as a baby to go to the house and get whatever was dropped in the bag . DUMB! :lol:

  6. oh haha this post is funny! I'll have to look out for that scene when the previews come on.
  7. Oh yes I saw the same thing and thought WHY???? as the movie preview is stupid. I also saw the ugliest, disgustingly fake white paddington in an exclusive shop in Nashville recently. The thing was GROSS and they were asking $350 for it. I backed out of that shop feeling sick. :amazed: