Chloe Madison Roll Bag


Dec 13, 2005
What do you guys think of this bag? Do you consider this a casual bag or a dressier bag? I already have Judith Leiber bags and Chanel bags for dress. I have a Balenciaga motorcycle medium bag and a Chloe Silverado satchel in tan on pre-order for casual attire. I thought this might be a good in between bag. What do you think?


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A very unique style. If anything, the color is outstanding. The rolls give the bag character. The shape would also look beautiful under an arm and in the gentle curve of a woman's waist.

I envision this bag with a St. John chocolate brown knit suit. Mmmmm...
I agree with the previous posters, it seems like it can be both dressier as well as casual, depending on the occasion and outfit !
Wow, what a unique looking bag. I think that it looks dressier as well, but then again, if you really wanted to, there is no harm in wearing it with more casual looks. If you love it, go for it (aren't we such enablers?)!