Chloe & LVR Question

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  1. Hi guys,

    Long time lurker...first time post. I actually have a question to those who bought Chloe from LVR. I place an order for the Mousse Paddington from their site last week (Wed to be exact) and I haven't heard anything from them or recieved my bag. Is this normal or should I go ahead and email them. My cc was never charged but when I originally placed my order they said that it had been approved and my order was being processed. Thanks a lot.
  2. I've heard a lot of about things taking time with LVR because they are in Rome, but I may be wrong.
  3. Welcome Cherry and I'm glad you are posting! Perhaps you pre-ordered an item and they are waiting for it to be in stock before charging your card? I am not to familiar with LVR but I am sure other members here will be able to help.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with emailing them especially since it has been a week!
  4. I placed an order last night with them for my Edith. Haven't heard anything yet either, but they usually don't e-mail you until they have shipped the bag. e-mail them and ask, because they answer questions quickly. I have bought a Marc Jacobs bag from them last month, so they are legit. It took about five days for me to get it, but only 6 hours for FedEx to send it from Italy to Sweden. So they are quite slow when it comes to dispatching... :/
  5. Thanks for the reply guys. The only reason Im really concerned is beacuse Im going on vacation for a week and Im afraid that they'll just leave my package and it might get stolen. If they Fedex their packages does that mean it has to be signed for like eluxury packages?
  6. I had to sign for mine
  7. I got a paddy from LVR. They only charge your card when the item comes in stock and is ready to be shipped. So if it's a pre-order, you wont see any amount charged. Once it comes in stock, they send you a shipping notification with a Fedex tracking #. It only took 3 days for my bag to arrive from the time it shipped out of Italy. I dont remember having to sign for the package when it was delivered though...another thing I have to add - Fedex will call you prior to delivery and you will need to fax them back a form with your SS# etc etc. They deliver the day after they receive the signed form. HTH.
  8. I had to sign for my MJ when it arrived. I think FedEx demands that, but anyone in your family could sign, it does not have to be you.
    from LVR's website:
    "Order Update
    Clients can obtain an update of the status of their order by sending an E-mail to The E-mail must include the first and last name under which the order was placed, the shipping address and the “T” number assigned by the Banca Sella. For Example: “T12345”

    Shipment Date
    Orders will be shipped once the payment has been authorized and the merchandise is in stock.
    LUISA VIA ROMA SRL reminds first-time clients to that bank authorization may delay immediate shipping.

    Shipment Information
    LUISA VIA ROMA SRL ships worldwide. Shipments within the European Community and outside the European Community are with FedEx express. Shipments within Italy are delivered by Bartolini Corriere Espresso.
    As per laws regulating commerce and trade, all shipments are accompanied with an official invoice with the declared values of each item. Discounted items reflect the discounted prices. "​
  9. Thanks Agnes :yes:

    Im going to go ahead and email them.
  10. My own experiences with them as far as email goes have been dismal. If you don't get a timely response, I suggest you call them instead of trying to email again.
  11. When I ordered my Chloe from LVR I did not hear ANYTHING (only received a payment confirmation from the company that they use) and then FedEx called about five days later to fax me the customs info and delivered my bag the next day. LVR has NEVER responded to any of my e-mails, but my bag was beautiful! So this is perfectly normal. It should appear on your doorstep really soon, unless it was a pre-order.