Chloe Lust List

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  1. I am loving hearing all about everyone's Wish Lists for Chloe [and other bags]. Feel free to add them to this thread;)

    My Lust List for 2010 is:
    * White Saskia [medium]
    * Pink Heloise [small]
    * Metallic Edith

    I am sure to add to this as the months go by.

    I have just bought my first Chloe - a Black Betty! Cant wait to receive her.

    Happy Shopping x
  2. My Lust list is tiny....

    Medium Rock Grey Marlow....
  3. Heloise Shoulder Bag in moka
    Medium Betty in moka or any nice colour
    Medium Gemma
    Medium Marlow

    and .....I would like to have a Miu Miu coffer in lambskin and the Dior's Le Trent
  4. Happy to share! :P

    Ruby Heloise (not sure which size)
    Doc Combat Boots in white
    Stiletto Leather Leaf ankle Boots
  5. My list is not as long as it used to be, I'd really love a paraty in black or rock, and one of the girls on here posted a galet paddy pic which has me a little obsessed now :drool:
  6. My list is not so long now because I have found most of my wish list items....and I only buy Chloe....but I would still love to get:

    Marci large hobo in Tan (and/or maybe Wood or Bark)
    Marci small hobo in Nut
    Heloise small satchel in Nutmeg and Mastic (and Chestnut if I can find one pre-used)
    Python Paraty medium in Brick (or Khaki)
    Paraty medium in Rosewood, maybe.
  7. i still want a pewter small heloise and small black paraty!!!
  8. Here it goes (and in no particular order):

    Medium Betty or Betty Hobo in gray or black
    Paddy Hobo or Medium Edith in red
    Medium Paraty in brick red or poppy

    Other bags:
    Mulberry Roxanne or Bayswater (color tbd)
    YSL Medium Easy Bag in black patent
  9. Thanks for sharing! I am enjoying this far too much!
  10. The Chloe perth motorcycle calf boots - thought i found them but it was a fradulent ebayer. Dont you hate that got my hopes up, if anyone knows where to get these in a size 37/37.5 or a 38 i would be so greatful!! i think i have rang every store in the us.
  11. My Betty arrived. I am officially a Chloe owner :smile:
  12. I want a Marlow but not sure what colour and I also would like the Marci hobo that they have on nap in some dark brown colour:nuts::love:
    I might actually indulge in the one on nap. I try not to stare at it while online.
  13. I'm lusting after:
    - a Heloise or two... in either chestnut, mastic, poussiere, vermillion or taupe... both the large (with zipper) and the smaller (bowler?)
    - python medium Marlow in Dune
    - python black medium Paraty (but the khaki or brick are also very might be a tough choice, if there ever will be a dilemma.. lol)

    Can make it longer, but think those are my top three/four Chloé bags at the moment:biggrin: Have a couple of Mulberry bags, a BV and a Bal on my wishlist too, and would love a MJ small going out bag at some point - but doubt they all will be added in 2010:P
  14. I have a small list:

    Chloe black paraty in small
    Chloe Paddington wedge sandals (just ordered!)


    Balenciaga city in black, rhodium hardware
    Chanel black quilted reissued WOC
    Miu Miu wallet in gray or black

    I plan to get everything except the Chanel WOC by end of March. So excited for my first Chloe sandals to arrive! I'm sure it's going to make me collect more and more Chloe shoes and sandals before the end of the year. :love:

    (this is my first post! ^ ^)
  15. Welcome to TPF, snapcrackle!!! :smile:

    (Cute username, btw). I am new to the Chloe subforum, too - but like you, I have a healthy wishlist already, lol. :P