Chloe lovers...enlighten me...

  1. In all honesty...I pretty much know nothing about Chloe handbags. I am more of a LV, dior, gucci kind of lady.

    However, I have been looking throughout the Chloe threads and seeing pictures...I am really starting to like certain ones...

    Tell me what you love about chloe handbags and why i should get one?

  2. I just know a couple Paddingtons, and even those are different from each other. Especially if you can get an older one - it has THE softest, high quality leather. Great colours! The details are OUTstanding! (On paddies.) There's pretty much something for everyone re: all types of Chloes.
  3. i only have a paddington. what i love is the style of the bag. i have the 05 and the leather is amazing.
  4. From what I have been seeing they are all pretty large. Are they heavy? once you put all your stuff in of course...

  5. I have one of the less-popular styles, the small Ascot satchel, and it isn't heavy. I also have a Gladys tote and it isn't that heavy considering it's a tote. I think all the extra hardware and thicker handles on Paddingtons is what makes them heavy.
  6. Chloe Paddington bags were the real it bags for 2005 However i think they are losing their appeal now & other bags are taking over. I love the Chloe betty bag & think it will be around for a long time. the pockets are great. I have the large python in caffe, will never part with it. The Paddingtons will still be around for a while though :smile: & the new Bay bag is great!
  7. I just took out my grey Edith after many months and just fell in love all over again. Her rumpled, yet traditional exterior exudes funkiness and with time I believe she will just get better and better. My other Chloe is a whiskey Betty which was not terribly popular, but her soft leather, her pockets, her mixture of metals, and her ability to adapt to almost every kind of outfit pulls her close to my heart. Chloe for me adds a touch of luxury and quirkiness!
  8. I like the large size, detailing and extreme differences in the different lines. You just can't go wrong with any of them!
  9. so would most of you recommend a paddy for my first chloe?
  10. Yes, KoliJ! I recommend a paddy too, the classic medium satchel for starters! :yes:
  11. I'm personally in :heart: with my medium Paddy satchel...I think it's Chloe's best bag, although that's just IMHO. I got mine in December and I want more, more, more! I also am obsessed with the metallics, but they make so many colors, you can pretty much have whatever color leather and hardware you want. It's a little heavy, but doesn't really bother me. I would recommend that for your first bag, but of course, whatever you are drawn to is going to make you the happiest. Good luck and let us know/post pics if you get a Chloe!:smile:
  12. I like the medium paddy because it's cute, chic, and not showy. try it on in real person and you'll love it.
  13. I happen to own a chocolate patent Betty. The color is a dark brown/burgundy and I love it. Looks very funky and stylish. I also like Edith and the paddy satchel.
  14. I LOVE the leather on the Paddies - even though the paddy is heavy, i actually prefer it. I have a Fendi Spy and compared to my paddy, it weighs almost nothing! I kind've prefer the heavy feel - it feels like better quality :p