Chloe Loaf - Craie or Sable

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  1. Today is a good example of why we handbag girls shouldn't have a day off. I was doing my daily check on Chloe bags posted to eBay and came across this

    I almost fainted because not only was it a loaf, it was what I thought was a craie loaf. Now, I had just been lucky enough several days ago to list a want it now ad on eBay and acquired a gorgeous yummy craie loaf (I think it was destiny or the gods or something because I have been wanting a craie or sable forever and this Saturday is my birthday). The craie loaf I bought, said craie on the tag. Now several days later another craie appears or so I thought. I started emailing the seller about the color, and she kept saying it was calcaire. I kept saying you must mean craie, then she posted a close up of the tag and sure enough it said calcaire (2005). Then D&G was kind enough to mention that her sable didn't have a sable tag and possibly this bag was sable. The colors are close and hard to distinguish in pictures. So I asked if the person would consider a buy it now, hoping they might post it for a couple hundred more. Before I knew it the BIN was attached at the original retail of $1540 and thinking it could possibly be sable I jumped on it. In retrospect I probably should have just bid it out, because I know $1540 is high and it may not have gotten there from $1100. Anyway.. Didn't have time to go through the authenticate process (a definite no no) I never do that. But I saw that Nordstrom's receipt, that loaf and that color name and just went nuts.

    So I really need all of your help now. First does the bag look authentic, that is most important. I did pay using my credit card on paypal so I have so backup just in case. The second biggest question is, does anyone have a Chloe sable bag and if so what does the tag say regarding style and color. Third, has anyone seen calcaire on a Chloe tag from 2005?
  2. Hi The bag looks authentic to me. However I have never known Chloe to do a Calcaire. That is a Balenciaga colour. Perhaps that is the name that the store put on the ticket as from the pics it seems to be a store price tag with the colour printed on not on the actual Chloe tag. Sometimes stores do put their own names on colours. This bag does not look like sable to me at all. The sable has definite pink tones which I am not picking up from the pics.
  3. did you pay for it already?

    Maybe you can resell it.. there are PLENTY of gals dying for a craie paddy :graucho:
  4. I did pay for it already, so I'm at least very happy to know that its authentic. I agree with Roz, I went and looked at pictures that TPF member Audrey posted showing sable and craie side by side and the sable was much more muted pink. I think its craie. Plus the calcaire (balanciaga color) could easily have been picked up at Nordstrom instead of the Chloe craie, both mean chalk from what I could determine on the french translation. I'm sure if I wind up with 2 craie loafs someone will help me out. I know there are alot of PF members looking for this combination.
  5. OMG yes!!!!


  6. Congrats Rere -- I'm so happy for you girl!

    I know you've been pining for a craie -- and to get a loaf to boot!


    Ps...My craie sachtel wouldn't mind having a loaf sister ;)

    Congrats again!
  7. I have no doubt that you will have no trouble finding a good home for this one ReRe :smile:
  8. Thanks everyone. I'm still feeling guilty that I may wind up with two. I'll keep you all posted on my saga. I really do need to go to work.
  9. Work!!!

    Oh yeah!!! :busted

    Better get back to it my ownself!
  10. Hi ReRe,

    Sorry for the late reply, I just got back from driving my kids to school:p

    Here's my 05 Sable Paddy tag:
    T10 904a.jpg T10 905a.jpg
  11. Congrats on a gorgeous yet mysterious Loaf :yahoo:

    "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
    It is the source of all true art and science." - Albert Einstein:heart:
  12. GORGEOUS LOAF no matter what color it is!
  13. I have emailed the seller yesterday asking whether she would sell it to me...then she said she would and put the BIN..the next day when I want to BIN it it was already sold which later I found ReRe bought it

    i was like NOOOOOOOOOO! :crybaby:
  14. [​IMG]

    05 Sable paddy serial tag