Chloe leather query?

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  1. Hi I am new to the PF and just LOVE :idea: reading and looking at the bags! I have a choc chloe paddington (2mos) andthought I knew a lot but i DONT! Can anyone tell me, the leather on top - by the zippers, (sort of going towards the inside) is really softer than the whole outer this normal? I ordered mine from Barney's and never really did compare leather from bag-to-bag...:weird:
  2. Hi ninachloe! The leather on Chloes bags varies so much from section-to-section and bag-by-bag that nothing is really considered "abnormal". You can have completely different textures in each panel. The soft part you describe sounds perfectly normal, and the rest of the bag will likely soften quickly with use. If it is soooo soft that you think the leather will 'fail' it may be a defect, but not likely. Enjoy your bag!
  3. Thanks for the input! I kind of wish the whole bag was like that, but as you say, it might be too soft to be all over!
  4. the leather on mine varies in softness, and I love touching the extra soft bits! :amuse:
  5. Amina, what did you end up getting? :nuts::nuts:
  6. Gosh I hate to open up this can of worms b ut...i was just reading verde's thread about the chloe (real or fake) and the Chloe made in italy imbedded in the leather inside thing came up. I went through thhat with mine..I called Barneys AND Chloe (NY) and was told that this wan't necessarily in all the bags. The other one in stock at Barneys (who are authorized with Chloe) did NOT have it inside either. This all started bc I was wondering why mine didn't. AS I just sold an LV to help buy the paddy I went thru some stuff with buyer over whether theLV was real. So you need to know ALL esp. if ever re-selling...Goodluck Verde, with the bag!!
  7. When did Barney's start selling Chloe? Last I checked the store I order from didn't carry it. Which store did your Paddy come from?
  8. Barneys, New YOrk. They just started carrying them this year. Also I know Barneys Manhasset has/had them. :biggrin: