Chloe Large Silverado Satchel on Bluefly!

  1. [​IMG]

    It's in my bag at the moment, if anyone wants it, tell me and I'll release it. Also I noticed that bluefly doesn't hold stuff overnight anymore, the past couple days I've left stuff in my bag and by the time I check again, it's gone.
  2. don't worry jen, i had it a few days ago in my cart before too but ended up cancelling my order. if you don't love it, it's still a lot of $. got my taupe paddy instead and i love it.
  3. ohh, a taupe paddy! sounds gorgeous truffles!

    And if you tell me you got that off bluefly too, I'll be extremely jealous!
  4. i wish. taupe came from LVR.
  5. ohhh. Congrats truffle, can't wait to see pics!! Good choice =)
  6. i've got pics of it posted already.
  7. :shame: time for me to catch up =)!