Chloe large patchwork tote - what do you think????

  1. Hey i have been looking at net-a-porter and i have seen the patchwork tote on sale! im really loving it..but at that price i want to know has anyone got it? if so, is it comfy to use? not too heavy? and is it really big or medium size??? Do you think it looks like a travelling bag?

    Thanks! :drool:
  2. I've seen this bag IRL and I love it - tempted to get it myself! :graucho:

    The large one is quite big though not as big as a travel bag - more like an oversized everyday bag. I am small though so depending on your height/build it wouldn't look so oversized. Do you remember the large paddy? It's that sort of size :yes:
  3. hmm still mulling over it! its the leather im really loving it! looks so squishy! i had seen it on a listing on eBay but glad i checked on nap as on the listing it was 751 pounds! cause its half price it makes it even more tempting!!
  4. am i a dork for just loving the font in which 'chloe' is written on the luggage tag:graucho:

    it looks so squishy... and the price is pretty good...
  5. LoL I'm lovin that font too! :nuts:And the whole zipper puller thing...
    I think these bags are even cuter irl because they are way slouchier and softer than they look on the pictures of NAP or lvr, they wont "stand" in the shape like that

    IMO if anyone's thinking - go for it now, the prices are amazing for such a lovely bag! :graucho:

  6. Ooh i like that! i love how it got feet at the bottom of the bag! the only thing i didnt like about the large size is that the bottom of the back will get scratch especially with the soft leather! ive got a paddy so i want a light bag..if only i dont have a concience! i will buy it straight away lol
  7. I love it. The leather looks incredibly soft.
  8. It's a beauty!!