Chloe Large Edith Pocket Tote $688 @ NM

  1. what do you think about the color? I am not sure.
  2. I like the color, but who knows what it's like in person. You can always return!
  3. The color is to DIE for. Really lightens up the bulk of this bag. I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but I already have this bag in whiskey.
  4. True. I just haven't seen this one before on their sale pages. I ordered it but was wondering what to do.
  5. Thanks, CJ. I'll probably keep the order going then.
  6. Yeah, I don't exactly "get" the sale pages yet. I've never seen this one there either, and I check them every day. That's why this place is so great--these people are EXPERTS.
  7. Yes they are. This is how I got my Chloe tracey at 60% off. I don't know how they do it.
  8. Yeah, I'm impressed. They've got me websensed at work, so I miss alot of the good stuff.

    I have a hunch the Jade Edith is lurking around somewhere in retail/sale hideaway.
  9. I love the color! So pretty.
  10. OMG I hope so.
  11. I'll put it this way: I gasped when I saw it.
  12. OMG... tell me I didn't ordered this just now...
  13. Me too SamSam. Hope we love it.
  14. Wow soooo tempting... it's still available!!

    this bag is Huge though..