Chloe Large Edith Bowler in Ivory @NM

  1. I can't seem to add this to the shopping bag. Someone must have this in theirs.... :confused1:
  2. I tried to add it too. No luck. :sad:
  3. it's gone.. :sad:
  4. Gone!
  5. Back again!
  6. tooooooo gorgeous!!!!!! someone get this quick!
  7. it used to be on sale for 664$ i can't pay 996$ for this bag, i'd rather get it on eBay for a sale, there are several of them and many reputable sellers of chloe on eBay
  8. Love it, but I'm with you Aggie!!! Can't pay $996 knowing that they offered it for $664
  9. i agree - but it is so hard to find a genuine seller on ebay. can anyone share the list of good sellers?
  10. Do a search for Chloe bags on sale and then check the feedback scores and read the feedback. We are not allowed to promote ourselves here, but a lot of us are sellers (genuine!)...maybe someone will share a list...
  11. really? i'm VERY interested to know some of genuine sellers from here - please PM to me anytime!
  12. This bag is really oversized, like a weekend bag. And the leather is not as soft as in the pic. :sad:
  13. kittilove, I couldn't PM you -- got a message that you don't accept them...