Chloe-Large Edith bowler $664 @ BG

  1. This is back!
  2. OMG! I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!!!!! WITH FREE SHIPPING TO BOOT! I AM GOING TO DIE FOR SHEER BLISS!!!!! Thanks to all you amazing women who helped me get it by posting this link! Yeah!! Big hugs and kisses!! :yahoo:
  3. for ruemode,

    Are you sure you got the chloe large edith bowler? I have ordered today from BG, but it has been cancelled 2 minitues later.:confused1:
  4. Hi Rachelina - I just got the order confirmation from BG! I hope that means everything's gone through! Did you get a confirm. and THEN a cancellation? Ugh. I hope it's not cancelled now....Try the Edith again in a few minutes - it's weird how BG, NM and Nordstrom all have these weird links that update periodically. Now you see you don't!
  5. I checked from online status. but I still got the order confirmation from BG an half of hour later.
  6. Oooh lucky! I have dreams about this bag. sigh*
  7. just ordered this and the chloe bowler in ivory.

    we shall see.

    i want the black patent betty.
  8. I can't tell what's going on now - I've got the order confirmation, but I went to the website and it's telling me it's cancelled! Ugh! I'm going to call tomorrow and see what's going on. I really want a Chloe!! And I'm passing on other great ones now! Ugh!
  9. Did you ever get it, Ruemode? :confused1: I also purchased this bowler from BG and another from NM (one ivory, one brown, can't remember which was which) sometime around 7 PM EST but cancelled the order sometime at around 1 AM EST today to buy my Paddy from AR.

    Hope you did get it! :yes: