Chloe large black patent Heloise $839.90 from $2100!

  1. If I wasn't on an "everything" ban (effective after I bought a SWORD leather bomber at lunch today-yay!-) I would probably buy this bag. It's like the Nichole Ritchie bag that she wore to court. It's a great deal! Call Mary from Nordstrom at (410) 296-4111 if you want it. She left me a message about it and I just called about it. It's currently on hold for a customer but they are not sure the customer will actually buy it. It looks like the picture only black.
  2. Yay! I just called and left Mary a message about it! I have been looking for this bag! I got it in Brick, but I can return it if I get this one! Thank you for the info!
  3. It is a fab bag!!! I have it in the Bordeaux and I love it. Congrats to whoever gets it.
  4. No problem! Just make sure you confirm with Mary that this is actually the bag. She described it as a black patent satchel "from the Heloise collection." I really hope this goes to a TPFr!!! I hope you get it!!
  5. Very pretty and great deal. Congrats to whoever gets it.

    Lawchick, what other Chloe's did they have?
  6. ^^ I don't know. I'm in Mary's Chloe customer rolodex and she calls to leave me messages when she has any Chloes on sale. Call Nordstrom and ask! The woman who answered the phone was more than happy to help me but I let her know Mary is the one that called me to let me know about the bag on sale.
  7. lawchick, when I click on that link it takes me to a replica site! (which I am sure you probably did not realize when you posted it).

    Cute bag, though!
  8. ^^^Eeek! I just posted the first photo of the pag I found. I wasn't paying attention to the site. I do NOT engourage the purchase of fake bags!!!
  9. I'm so jealous...what a great price! I recently bought the smaller version of the black patent heloise but it tends to cost more. It didn't help that it wasn't discounted much either. It's gorgeous though, so it was worth it.
  10. When I call the number I think I am getting a fax. Which Nordstrom is this?
  11. The one in Towson, MD 410-296-2111:yes:
  12. ^^^You're right about the #. Sorry guys!
    It was on hold overnight and the person it was on hold for bought it.