CHLOE large betty at Nordstrom Rack

  1. there's a large chocolate betty at Nordstrom rack in bellevue washington. it's $299 and huge!
  2. which area was the bag in? I just called they said they didn't have it:crybaby:....
  3. seriously? it was JUST there!! it's in the purse section at the front of the store. it's got one of those chain things around it so you can't take it out of it's area.

    and i'm pretty sure it's a betty, but i could be wrong. i know it's chloe though!!
  4. Ok, I will call again.... Thanks for the post!!!!!
  5. you're welcome!! i hope they still have it. good luck!!
  6. Ali, did you get it????? WOW, what a deal!!!!
  7. wow! great deal! i hope you got it ali!
  8. :crybaby:Noooo, I didn't get it. I got the same girl again and she swears there is no chloes, but I'm sure she probably wasn't familiar with that style of chloe bag.
    Well at least she saved me money because I'm not suppose to be buying anything:lecture:!
  9. I was just there and there were no Chloe's. Must have sold!
  10. Hey Ali - Sorry you missed a pretty good deal! It must not have been "meant to be." Still on :ban:
  11. That's such a good deal!
  12. wow why is it so cheap? original it was like $1800 right? Is there something wrong with the bag? That's just a crazy deal if there isn't. why didn't you buy it?
  13. it took a lot to not buy it. in the end i realized i was moving across the country in 2 weeks and just couldn't get it. blaaah.

    i'm sorry nobody got it!
  14. Why do I never see deals like that at the Rack?!
  15. OMG what a great deal!