Chloe key rings/charms

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  1. I'm getting my hazelnut silverado tomorrow (finally! :nuts: ), and I was thinking of ordering one of the Chloe keyrings to hang from the bag. Does anyone have one? How big are they? On AR's site, it says 11 inches? :shrugs: That seems long for a key ring!

    If I decide to order one, what color should I go for? Here are a few from different sites.





    What do you ladies think? Hazelnut is sort of a beige/brown color. Do you all think it would look cute hanging from the bag?
  2. I dont own one but I think the last two are cute.actually they are all cute so I guess Im no help. But 11 inches is LOOOOOOONG. I mean essentially its a foot!!!! least you could use it as a lasso.....or a weapon....:graucho:
  3. Hahaha, that's what I was thinking... 11 inches seems so long for a keychain? LOL if I hung it off my bag, I could use it to ward off potential muggers. Just use it Indiana Jones-style :P
  4. Love the last 2 as well, but they are a bit too long for my taste. So cute though!
  5. I believe the keyrings/charms should be used as keyrings, not bag charms. I think it's stating the obvious to hang the word "Chloe" off a Chloe handbag. You shouldn't have to spell it out to everybody that you have a Chloe handbag. This is what those designs with "Chloe" plastered on the front are for!
  6. I think a Hermes Twilly would look a lot better.
  7. eBay*Queen*">
    Hahahaha, I like the way bag charms look and thought maybe a Chloe keyring/cham should go with a Chloe handbag. Makes sense, don't ya think? ;) I wouldn't hang an LV cles or speedy keychain from a Chloe handbag, I'd hang it from an LV. I wouldn't hang a Coach charm from a Chloe handbag, I'd hang it from a Coach bag. Know what I mean?

    I wasn't asking for the purpose of wanting to splash Chloe all over my bag. I was asking because I like the way the keychains look, but I've never seen them in person.

    But thanks for your honesty! ;)
  8. Hi Cristina! I'm glad you weren't offended by my post, because I realize on the computer it's hard to tell somebody else's tone of voice.

    My issue is more with the fact that the keyring/bag charm screams "Chloe", rather than something else. Chloe made a cute red bus keyring/bag charm a while ago, which would look a lot better than "Chloe".

    The only time I think "Chloe" would make sense, is if that was your name. But if you need to remind yourself and others of the designer of your bag, then buy the "Chloe" one. And going by your reasoning, to what would you attach keyrings/bag charms from brands which do not manufacture handbags?

    What do you think of the Hermes Twilly? I think that would look more chic. Also, I have seen the Chloe keyrings/bag charms in person, and I think the crystal ones look a bit tacky. Plain and subtle is always best.
  9. I got the one with the letters that was half off at AR.
  10. eBay*Queen*">
    Yes, it is very difficult. You didn't hurt my cyber-feelings, don't worry ;)

    I was asking about the charms since I have not seen them in real life. I do like the way charms and scarves look hanging from bags, as I often hang a charm or tie a scarf onto my LVs and other bags.

    I wish I could find that Chloe bus charm, but the only one on eBay is very expensive! However, I'm not sure how much it retailed for to begin with.

    Honestly, after carrying my new silverado and getting to know it :P I don't think I will be adding anything to it. It's chic on its own :smile:
  11. Does anyone know if these keyrings come in the metallic, specifically aubergine, bleu nuit, or anthracite? Either black or crystal is fine with me, although I think I'd prefer black for frequent use. Personally, I'd use it as a keyring; Chloe bags already seem a bit busy to me.
  12. Cristina, I think these key charms are HOT! :love: You should get it if you want it! I don't see it on AR's sale page. Was it on sale? :shrugs:
  13. oh i love them
  14. I believe the bus charm cost around $250? So yes, not cheap. I also like charms/scarves hanging off bags, but I think it can look too overdone, or like a passing fad. I tried hanging a cotton Cacharel heart scarf off my Paddy, but it looked too much. Especially since I like to wear colourful and patterned things myself, it's like overkill!

    I think because Chloe bags are a bit fussy to begin with, you needn't add anything to them. I even took the lock and key off my Paddy before I started using it, so they're in pristine condition and the bag is a bit lighter. But I still get people looking at my bag!
  15. I like the first keyring the best. I also think it would match your bag. I'm not fond of the blinged out bottom two, to be honest.