Chloe "Kerala"

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  1. There's also this hobo (can't remember which collection this one is from)
  2. All of those are bea-yoo-tiful, Psueb! I saw a Kerala tote on the Neiman's website. It looked nice also. I think it's a more structured leather than the paddy. The paddy is for softer leather fans.
  3. I've never actually seen/touched one. I wouldn't expect the leather to be as soft as a Paddy; it's a very different style of bag. Still, I'm going to check them out in person and if I'm not liking the leather, it will be off my list. It's either going to be one of these or the off-white Paddy (I'm on the wait list at the SCP Chloé boutique). I already have the Chocolate Paddy, and am not sure that a second one makes sense, but I just love the look of that off-white!!!
  4. Yes i like this one much better than the paddy my self .......
  5. chloe kerala tote.jpg Psueb is this the tote u were talking about?
  6. I can't remember, but the one I'm waiting to see from the Summer 06 collection is more of an east/west tote. That one in the picture is pretty, but bigger than what I want.
  7. I like the Kerala bag but it’ll be a while before I can buy another bag I just bought the Paddington a few months ago. But this is the Tod's bag I’m lusting after now. :love:

    View attachment 2025

    I’m so fickle.
  8. it's the one i'm lusting too :love:
  9. Hi Pseub, do you know if it's possible to get that kerala hobo as in the picture you posted a while ago somewhere? i love it!
  10. Wow, gorgeous bag! Love it in this brown color...hmmm now you ladies have me thinking...
  11. The Kerala leather for SS06 is nicer than that used in FW IMO. It is less shiny and stiff looking.
  12. Not impressed.......I'll stick with the paddy for now.