Chloe "Kerala"

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  1. kerala.jpg
    Chloe Kerala available @ Neiman's.
    this bag is better than a paddy in my opinion.
  2. i agree but i am not a fan of the paddy anyway. It's a nice bag but I don't get sweatty hands so that means I couldn't live with me;)
  3. This is cute :biggrin: I dont think its something that will look good on everyone though.
  4. i like that bag.. much better than the paddy IMO but i was never really a fan anyway. not sure about that huge keychain though..
  5. Yeah I love both the Chloe Kerala and The paddy but if I had the money at the momemt I would def. buy the Kerala.
  6. yeah it's nice, but maybe i'd take off the horse stuff, that's gucci- been there already!
  7. im not fond of the bag but i like the key chain, but where to put puzzles me.
  8. Check out the Kerala's for spring/summer on Chloé website. Much nicer styles. Actually I love the little horsey charms, but then I'm a horse person. I love anything with an equestrian feel.
  9. I love the equestrian details on the bag, but I think I'd still rather have a paddy !
  10. Love this bag! I never really understood "The Paddy." The lock you see on chain link fences here in NYC. I, personally, wouldn't want one on a high-end designer handbag, but that's JMO.
  11. Are there 2 sizes of this bag, the Kerala?

    I have seen a very large Kerala at the Neimans locally.

    It has been there since before Christmas. It is very tote-ish; however, the leather is gorgeous. I think the picture in this thread must be of a smaller kerala; which I am sure would be very practical; the large one is cumbersome.
  12. Nice, but I'd still choose the Paddy.
  13. Yes there is a Kerala tote. I like that one too but I like this one better. I think this one is gonna knock the paddy off of it's pedastool after everyone catches on. I would remove the chains. But as stated above some ppl love the equestrian feel of it.
  14. i wasn't as impressed with the kerala in person as i wanted to be; the leather just doesn't measure up to that of the paddington. great shape, though.
  15. I'm holding out for the one on the left (from the Summer 06 collection):

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