Chloe Kerala style owners....

  1. my first chloe... the large kerala bowler arrived today! however, i have a few concerns, but considering i got the bag at such a steal (520 inc. tax) i'm wondering if should just be happy and call it a day, assuming the 'quirks' will grow on me.

    the first is the color... when i ordered it i got the last one, and i naively assumed it was the 'cognac' featured in the NM picture, but when it arrived today. the tag said 'bru,' and it's a much more chocolate shade than i had originally wanted.

    also, the charms make a ton of noise! they clink everytime i shift the bag and i'm thinking after some time that may become a bit annoying:confused1:

    on the pro side, i love the size, bottom zip, AMAZING leather (you can smell it from a mile away) and fact that it was such a nice deal.

    anyway, enough rambling! i'd love to hear comment from kerala owners or other chloe enthusiasts on my dilemma.

  2. I also bought this bag, although you got a MUCH better deal. I love love LOVE it. I have taken off the charms because I found the noise v. annoying. I have the Jade color.
  3. i LOOOOOOVVVVE this bag VINTAGELOVE! i wish i had the chance to buy it at the price you got it for!:hysteric:
  4. Can you post pictures? I"ve never heard of the bag. I"m a newbie to Chloe.