Chloe Kerala or Fendi Dr B?

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Kerala or Dr b?

  1. Kerala

  2. Dr B

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  1. I don't know if either of these are a bag I would really get excited about but I need a quality practical everday bag. And since they are both on sale now I am interested...

    On the Kerala plus side is the colours and horse charm (once was a pony clubber) but the down side is I think it is a bit tall (I am only 5ft 2"). I hate rummaging around the bottom of a bag.

    On the Fendi's plus side is it looks like a classic practical bag. Downside - a bit boring?

    Is it really worth it or is it best to buy a bag you really love? (And am I going to get a one sided response since I posted this in the Chloe forum???!?!?!).

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  2. Kerala, please :yes::smile:. A lovely, classic and funny bag :rolleyes:.
  3. For a practical bag, I'd probably choose the kerala. I really like the fendi dr. b (and the color), but it did not work for me, because it is a snap frame closure. I felt like it took two hands to open and close the bag, because the snaps had to line up for it close properly. Also, I thought the little slip pockets on the side were too small to be really practical.
  4. kerala!!!
  5. I think you should go for a bag you love. That way, you feel special wearing it. :heart:

    Some of my favourite bags just make me smile every time I see them, and I really enjoy wearing them. Doesn't matter if it's Chloe or just a little Roxy beach tote, I find I use the bag more if I really love it.

    I do like the colour of the Fendi over the kerala though :P
  6. I am a huge chloe and fendi fan - have both in my collection, although more chloes than fendis.... I like both bags, but personally like the fendi of these 2 better, for some reason - that style chloe has never really appealed to me - but it would be great to be able to see both in person and hold them before making a decision... either way - good luck!
  7. I like both styles, but I like the colour of the Fendi better. But I would def. wait and get a bag you are really excited about. It's worth it!
  8. You have all been so helpful so I hope you won't be shocked to learn that your advice has convinced me to buy the Fendi mini spy I love.?!?!?!?!?!?! Hopefully I will get it tomorrow.

    I think you all saved me from the trap of buying something just because it is on sale and still yearning for the bag you love the most (that you will get anyhow)!!

    Kiss_p's advice on the Dr B was very helpful - things you don't know until you are stuck with it!!!

    I think I might still get the Kerala if it is reduced more - am I dreaming? But it is going to be the spy first.

    Does eveyone rotate their bags? I am wondering what I would do with more then 3 bags?!?!?! I am so lazy :nogood:
  9. oh good luck for getting the bag tomo!!! how exciting!
    i rotate all my bags (well try to, i do have a few that are my favs)
  10. I have a collection of around 15 - rotation keeps me from getting bored of each one - or wearing one out too much, it also keeps you from accumulating too much crap in your bag...
  11. This is my justification for having so many bags. I can wear lots of bags a few times, stops them from getting too worn out! :P

    I can wear a bag everyday for 2 weeks max before I do something to it, and end up switching to another bag for fear of damaging my new one more! :roflmfao:

    Woody - glad you decided t go with the bag you love! Please do share some pics of the baby spy when you get it - I love how cute it is!
  12. The Fendi is a nice colour but otherwise leaves me cold so I have voted for the Kerala.
  13. You should really like the baby spy - it's a great bag as well, so glad you decided to get something that really excites you. I have a baby spy in the grey/taupe - discontinued style, the newer ones look more like the original spy bag with the wand. But mine is nice and holds a lot more than you would think:

  14. It's gorgeous :heart:

    What colour is your baby spy woody?
  15. Good Choice on going the Fendi Spy, I think its best of the 3 mentioned. The top 2 were a little 'meh', Kerala im not a fan of and the Fendi is a little smalll looking for everyday bay. Congrats & pics when you get it, we'd like to see.