Chloe Kerala Bowler, Large $486

  1. it's not available now...
  2. its gone, that was a good deal!
  3. That's a great price but no more!
  4. I actually bought it ! I hope it doesnt get cancelled! Thanks!!
  5. Aa! I hope you get it! I would have loved to have it.
  6. I hope you get it too, I bought one returned it and now regretting it.
  7. Thanks, can I ask why you returned it?
  8. i got this bag last week and considered returning it, but i've kept it and have been using it... my reasons were that it wasn't the color pictured, rather a much darker chocolatey brown... probably my fault for just assuming that it was the same as pictured. also, the charms seemed a little too noisy at first, but i've gotten used to it, as it was such a steal.