Chloe Kerala $448 on NM

  1. Gone, that's a cute one. Much nice style than the bowler that used to come up a lot.
  2. I ordered it!! Got a confirmation e-mail, but I know that can change at any minute. I have my fingers crossed, big time.
  3. I hope you get it! Chloe bags are so nice.
  4. It'll be my first. And the most expensive bag to date. But I've been wanting one forever, and it's so cute. How long will it take to know for sure if I get it?
  5. UGH! Looked at my account on NM and it says it's cancelled. :sad: I'm brokenhearted now!
  6. I think its always best to call in an order!
  7. I always miss these bags. At what time does NM start putting up new bags? I live in LA
  8. Well that was fun. I was chatting with a NM associate on their online chat about whether my order was confirmed or cancelled. She said that it was cancelled because they didn't even have that bag. As we were talking, lo and behold, the bag comes back up on the website. I pointed this out to her. She informed me that it didn't matter, they didn't have the bag as it had been discontinued. So what's up with that?:yucky:
  9. Yuck! It is really annoying that NM keeps doing this
  10. I don't even bother to order those bags anymore when they pop up, because they're never really there:hrmm:
  11. I don't bother trying either. You order it and it gets cancelled. Such a tease! This was a great deal though.
  12. thats a nice bag, i hope somebody here got it..
  13. It's a tossup when you place an order on NM or BG, I have had better luck with BG. I try and call in when possible, otherwise, I follow up with a phone call to make sure it's in stock. I think you just have to keep trying, some will stick.