Chloe Jodie Pump

  1. Has anyone ever seen these Chloe pumps in real life? I love what i see ($wise) but this photo isn't very good.

    Chloe Jodie Pump - Zoe
  2. Those are hot!
  3. I just bought them on sale in navy --arrived today. I really love them. Someone warned me to go up a half size for the fall platform shoes, and I'm glad I did.
  4. How tall are the heels? Are they comfortable?
  5. I didn't understand the " Velcro fastened strap" in the description because I don't see a strap. Rollergirl, can you describe what they look like? Thanks!
  6. I love those a lot
  7. I once saw a picture in the mag. of Courtney Cox wearing those shoes with a really nice dress..
  8. These shoes are gorgeous

    The blue really suits them. Congrats, lucky girl :biggrin:
  9. There is no velcro strap on the ones you posted and that I got. They are just a plain pump. Leather with a band of fabric around the inside edge. I think the description is for the other version, that looks like a Mary Jane pump. It is also on that site and on NM. I was going by the photo you posted.

    The heel is high, but the shoes have a pretty high internal platform. I think they are pretty comfy, especially with the round toe, but after a few hours my older-ish knees may be singing a different tune!