Chloe Jeans Moyen Paddy $890 @ Diabro

  1. That's really goo deal, thanks!
  2. its gone!
  3. says product not found
  4. Hope someone here got it! Lovely price :tup:
  5. I think regeens got it!
  6. :yahoo:^Woohoo! Got it! The site says "product not found" but if you ring them at +13129576052 they may be able to find you one. The customer service rep I spoke with says they have a few more. Go for it!

    Also, they'll be happy to declare a lower value for you so you don't have to pay customs duties. And if you're in Oz, shipping is only US$37.37. Happy shopping!:yes:
  7. CONGRATS! what a great deal.....
  8. I email them about this offer last night West Aust time and recieved an email at 6.00am this morning saying sorry they had just sold the last one! I should probably have placed an order last night and then emailed them regarding shipping etc.

    Hopefully another great offer will come up soon and I will jump at it quicker.
  9. It sure is a cute bag! Congrats!
  10. Good for you! That's a great price! Thank for posting, bizfashionista!
  11. Oh no! So sorry if I ended up purchasing something you also wanted.:sad:

    When they confirmed my order on the phone, the SA said they still had a few left so they may have sold out rather quickly.

    Will keep an eye out for another Jeans Moyen on sale and PM you if I find one. Sorry again.
  12. Have you got her yet regeens? Still so excited for you!!
  13. Thanks Regeens - Enjoy you new bag:smile:

    My time will come - "everything comes to those who wait" but so far "he (or she) who hesitates is lost" :rolleyes::rolleyes::smile::smile:
  14. Yes, yes, yes! She has arrived:yahoo:. Sadly, I was at work when Mr. Postman arrived. I'm telling you, work gets in the way of real life sometimes. Argh! I am going to have to find a creative way to cancel meetings tomorrow so I can go to the post office and pick her up. :graucho: Will post pics when I get her. You're all my Chloe enablers! Thanks girls! :biggrin: