Chloe ivory bag owners~

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  1. I'm in love with the color..
    Is it hard to keep it clean?
    Compare to other white bags??
    Between white bbag and chloe ivory bag, which one do you think will get less dirty???
    Any opinions will help! TIA:love:
  2. I think the Chloe ivory/blanc would be easier to keep clean, because of the leather and the fact that the color is a richer tone.
  3. I have an ivory paddy and I don't find it hard to keep clean. I'm not TOO careful with my paddy as much as some people, but I do make sure to set it on a chair or hang it somewhere where it doesn't get hit. I did notice one day a light mark and I just used a wet towel and it came right off! Hope that helps!
  4. I have the Blanc Paddy and have had no problems with it (I carry it on my shoulder mostly so the handles still look like new too). I loved the B-Bag in white (mine was white with slight grey undertone) because it was so different than the creamy white of the Paddy but I was more worried about dirtying the saddle stiches on the handles and so ended up returing that one (with regrets...). The ladies here on the PF say they use some kind of Apple-guard (saw that in another thread) so that would help you with the B-bag if you got it in white.
  5. Thanks guys.. I'm still trying to decide..
    I had white bbag which I don't have anymore.. and I regret it now.. so I was thinking about getting it again.. but chloe ivory is so pretty so it's another option.. It's so hard to decide..
    when i think of bbag.. it's lighter, less $$ (but not by much)
    and chloe ivory is just so beautiful.. but heavy with the lock..
    hmmmmmmmm what to do what to do..
    But I will let you know what I end up with.. :smile:
  6. The chloe bag will definately last longer!
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