CHLOE is sooo MUCH moneyyyyy

  1. I think it is crazy .. I mean I love bags but boy they are alot!

    Any feel the same ?
  2. not really, i see them as investments:p
  3. OMG yes!!!

    It took me a year to plop down my first $1k on a bag.

    And it hurt. Emotionally.

    Now I have 6 bags over $1k each and I think I lot less of it. Which is SCARY to me.

    Cause they are totally consumables, meant to be used.

    But ya only live once ;)

  4. exactly:heart:
  5. And it all depends how you want to spend your money. My Mom thinks $200 is too much to spend on a bag. Good thing she never asks me how much mine are :smile:

  6. I totally agree .. how do you feel about coach ?
  7. No, but I am a Chloe addict. If you factor in the thickness of the leather they use and the quality, they are actually a better buy than many cheaper bags. Talk to any leather repair shop and they will tell you that chloe is some of the best leather out there and the thickness makes the bags last and last.

    Plus unlike certain brands, you can find Chloes on sale so they are really not that expensive when you think about it.

    I am tough on my bags and nothing resists scratches and wear like a Chloe. (Can you tell I am a fan? :smile:)
  8. At first I thought anyone spending that much money on a purse was crazy! But then after buying a couple on eBay that were fake, I said to myself that I'm getting the real deal no matter how much it is. Bought it from Nordstrom's, battled with the idea of how much money I spent, returned it because I wasn't quite happy with the first one I purchased (it was the smaller square paddy with the strap). Then the next one I purchased was a medium size paddy that I feel in love with. Now I have 5 paddy's and a paddy wallet and I think the people who think that I am crazy for buying 5 expensive chloe's, are crazy for not understanding what the Chloe bug does to a girl. Its addicting for sure and I love them!!! I don't think about the cost at all anymore. I figure I'm worth it and I only live once so why not enjoy them.:nuts:
  9. I hear you on the cost of chloes but there is just something about them....once you are hooked - forget there is no going back!
  10. Definitely. Caught the bug after joining this forum.
  11. Yep - this forum is definitely an enabling device and fuels our passion for more Chloes. No doubt about it - when I read about everyone else succumbing to the Chloe siren call it makes it that much easier for me to. There are some 'collectors' here who have Paddies in every color, shape and size. And that's just the Paddies. I used to toss and turn at night with my stomach churning at the CC debt but now.....WHAT CAN I BUY NEXT !!!
  12. ^^^ You took the words right out of my mouth:yes:!!!! When it comes to chloe I just can't get enough:nuts:....
  13. I agree.. This year I spent the most money ever on bags..

    I'm enjoying the ride, but my stomach feels sick when I remember how much I spent..

    Help, anyone?
  14. i always thought i would never spend this much on a bag, but i look at it as an investment now as i only buy second hand, meaning i can always sell them for what i paid for them.
    i have two now and i love them dearly! worth the money!
  15. I... still think i'm incredibly insane... but I made the money back, so it's all ok.