Chloe Iris Buffalo Satchel 50% @ BG

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  1. still available. :p
  2. Funny a lot of the different Chloe styles just didn't take off. This is a nice bag but really it was Silverado, Paddington & Edith! Everything else was a non starter!
  3. IMHO- Chloe is becoming like Kooba- too many styles to be special and once you have a couple they lose their 'special' appeal.

    I remember going nuts to find a Kooba Sienna several years ago when Kooba first got hot, and I remember getting my first Chloe and feeling I owned the 'IT' bag- neither of those companies seem special to me anymore- too mass produced for my taste.

    With Chloe, when I spend 2K on a bag I don't want to see that bag on every womans arm and in every single department store.
  4. Then this might be just the bag for you! lol! I can't remember seeing this satchel on ANYONE's arm, to think of it. And for $715, it could be worth it! :roflmfao:
  5. still there...
  6. this was on sale on the website for a few months during the summer...
  7. LOL, it just may be! I hope I didn't sound like a bag snob, they're GREAT quality and believe me if I see a great deal on a bag I like nothing will stop me;)
  8. Still there! I am more of a shoulder bag person! Thanks for the post.