Chloe inge clutch in shiny ecru python?


Nov 21, 2007
Sydney, Australia
does anyone know where I can get the new Chloe inge clutch in shiny ecru python??(there's a picture of it on the Chloe website under the winter accesories slide show, but I was unable to find an actual picture anywhere online)
it's so cute and i absolutely MUST get my hands on one~!! :heart:
but being in Australia this is slightly difficult as we don't even have ONE Chloe store~!!:crybaby:

and as I'm heading for a trip to Europe next year, I just wanted to know if Chloe bags are particularly cheap in any country? perhaps Asia? and would it be safe to say that it won't be worth buying one in London, or even Paris or Italy? And does anyone know what months do certain shops start having sales on Chloe?

I know I have a lot of questions but thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully answer some of my Qs~! :flowers:


Nov 16, 2007
Ah Australia... I live here too and I completely feel your pain. I admit I didn't go take a look at the actual clutch because I am reeeaaally scared of python, I can't even look at python bags without going squirmy. With that said though i'm sure you might not be able to find it in Australia because we don't have anything! Seriously... i'm nearly completely sure about that, but don't quote me on it.

I think Chloes may be particularly cheap in their country of origin... which I hard to say. Here Chloes are super expensive because of import taxes, so they're about $700 more than online. The only problem is, while their supposed country of origin in Italy, where they are actually produced, I have no idea. And even then, I don't think it has much bearing on the price. I don't think they're particularly cheaper in Asia, is a Japanese company so check out their prices for Chloes and I think that would be a fair indication of Asian prices. I'd say they prices there are normal. I can't speak for Europe, i've never been there, but there is an abundance of Chloe boutiques in Japan and Taiwan... seriously they're swimming with them. I think there's 5 official boutiques in Taiwan.

I also know that Asia is a season ahead of us, or at least for cosmetics. I tried to buy a Lancome compact for a friend once, it was out in Taiwan but not here, they said i'd have to wait another season. She said Asia is one season ahead.

If you live in Brisbane, I could be completely wrong, but is there a Chloe boutique opening in Queens Plaza? Last time I saw one of those white construction walls and it said 'Chloe' next to 'Tods'. There's a place called Jean Brown near the valley that sells Chloe too.