Chloe, Inc - Customer Service

  1. Hi, I am really looking forward to my first Chloe purchase yet, I noticed alot of people talking about scratches on the locks, missing keys etc.
    Does Chloe have some sort of system to have your bags reconditioned or repaired? I saw a great looking silver metalic on eBay that was so terribly discoloured on the handles (metalic wore off). Why couldn't it just be sent to Chloe for a lil loving makeover?
    I know from experience that Gucci and LV are awesome about stuff like that (or perhaps I have just been lucky or original owner)
    Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I'm new to Chloe, but a lot of other pfers are experts. Hopefully they have a reconditioning program....of some sort. I just bought four new Chloe bags.
  3. Welcome mlredo!

    Unfortunately I do not believe that Chloe offers a reconditioning/repair service. Howevre, IIRC there a few thread on luvinmybags, a company out of Hayward, CA that does restore bags.

    Good luck!!
  4. Thanks for the Welcome!
    I have ordered a couple of bags from the Neimans online sale. I am looking forward to their arrival! No paddys, a couple of Edith's in the ivory and whiskey. I am still looking for the paddy in cream!
    I may spend some time snooping around online to see what Chloe policies are. I love the way Neimans stands behind their products yet, I like to hear that the vendor will do the same.
    I love this Forum! Yall are so much fun!
  5. mlredo, do you mind explaining a bit about how Neimans stands behind their products? new to neimans, thanks!!!
  6. One example from NMs customer service:

    DH bought me a wireless headset for the home phone last Christmas from NM.

    That darned thing was so annoying, no one could hear me, it fell out of my ear, etc.

    So we took it back well over a year later, no receipt, just the order number from online, and they refunded us immediately, no questions asked.
  7. Wow that's good... and bad! That means anyone can just buy something, use it, and take it back without question?