Chloe in the UK website?

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to all this but would really love a Chloe Paddington in black....for as little as possible!! And i don't want to risk buying one on eBay for fear of a fake!!

    Also i'd like the black chlose paddington purse, there's one for sale on NAP for £158, do you think this is the cheapest i will get it for?

    NAP is the only site i can find selling genuine items, where else is there?

    Thanks in advance
  2. BTW, I think the one you are talking about is a wallet not a purse! The purses are NOT that cheap!
  3. ^^^^^ language barrier. In the UK we call a wallet a purse and what you call a purse we call a handbag.
  4. Yep, my hubby carries a wallet, and i put my purse in my bag:yahoo:.

    Ive seen Harvey Nicks, Selfridges and Harrods selling Chloe and other designer items. Im sure there are many more besides those as well.
  5. Have you tried the websites for Browns of London, Matches and Cricket? I think they all stock Chloe but I am not sure which items.
  6. You might also like to try looking at the Luisaviaroma website (which people seem to abbreviate to LVR on this website). It is in Italy but it can produce a good deal for Europeans. Remember to set it to the right season before you think there are no bargains when there are.

    I am rather tempted by the gold Paddington bag, which seems very well priced to me, and the Edith bags. I didn't check for purses but it might be worth your while.
  7. ASOS also stock Chloe, but I dont think you'll find anywhere cheaper than NAP at the moment. When you take into account the import tax you may have to pay from various other sites.:heart:
  8. NAP is more expensive than LVR. LVR are in Italy and you dont get import taxes either. I got Chloe Ollie studded bag for 70% and they sent it to me the next day. Took 16 hours to get to me in the uk.
    Its a fab site and i simply adore the prices.
  9. Do try LVR as they are brilliant!!!!

    Don't get put off by the queer system on their website. Just remember to set the right season and year and keep hitting the Women's Accessories button. Once you get down to buying it all runs smoothly.

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