Chloe in San Diego

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  1. Well, I am still on spring break...took a drive to San Diego today for a change of pace (Fashion Valley Mall)..."inspected" Chloe bags at Nordstrom and NM...


    One chocolate paddy
    One choco baby paddy
    One or two other baby paddy bags (maybe metallic anthracite?)
    Large zippy boulers in whiskey, choco, metallic silver and anthracite
    A few Betty bags
    Black Molly tote
    One medium black traditional silverado satchel
    Large silverado tote and hobo bags in a few colors


    Large tan pocket paddy
    Medium black pocket paddy (maybe tan as well?)
    Large silverado tote in chocolate
    Other silverado iterations
    A few Betty bags
    Medium olive Gladys tote
    Paddy satchel in blue jean moyen (think this was the color, light blue with gold lock)

    Well...those are the bags I can recall...

    What have you seen recently? Any surprises? What are you looking for?
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  2. AAAaagh, I was at FVM in December but I was on a myopic MJ hunt :wacko:

    You didn't by chance notice the quality/condition/details of the med black pocket or blue jean at NM ?
  3. Sorry, I did not do a close inspection...recall those two bags specifically as I have the black pocket and I thought of others looking for the blue...
  4. If you want to call - the number is: 619-692-9100. Ask for Jason - he's a super nice, patient and not pushy SA there. I go there and see him from time to time....even if I've only bought 1 bag from him.
  5. Thanks SoCal! I always have my Chloe's shipped from Fashion Valley. I love their customer service! I was hoping they would have a medium bowler zippy. Isn't the medium more expensive than the large though? I think I might need to try a Zippy IRL soon...
  6. Medium is 1730.00 and large zippy is 1720.00...
  7. Thanks for the shopping list SoCal, and thanks for the good contact, addicted! :nuts:
  8. The only local store where I have seen the medium zippy is Ron Herman in SCP (blanc and mousse, they may have other colors...but return is credit only).
  9. I just picked up my Chamois Edith from there. Almost came home with the blue claire paddy.... it was pretty much mint. No scratches on the lock, the serial number in place, no stains or anything...

    I didn't pay much attention to the pocket though.
  10. San Diego Fashion Valley Nordstrom has Edith's?! I put my name in for the Whiskey months ago and never cancelled. I wonder if they will send it? No phone call yet...

    Sometimes bags from that store just appear at my door!
  11. Roey - It wasn't Nordstroms, but NM's that had the Ediths. I had preordered my chamois a while back.
  12. Oh that sounds fun! :nuts:
  13. It is very fun, until the bill arrives!!:sad2: :sad: :cry: