Chloe in London

  1. I am going to London on holiday in a couple of weeks and plan to buy a Betty while I'm there (or Paddy if the leather is too nice to say no to!).

    Who do you recommend I go to? I'm not a *great* fan of going into boutiques (but would if you say it's that great!) Selfridges? Harvey Nics?
    I've never bought a designer purse in the UK before so I'm a bit unsure where to look.

  2. Harrods has a nice selection on the Ground Floor, Selfridges also has a nice range, HNs sells them too!, so it is just down to your personal preference. I sometimes, if going into town would prefer to go to one of the smaller places such as Browns (south Molton St) and Koh Samui (covent garden, which is lovely to look around) :smile: Links here

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    Koh Samui - Covent Garden - Fashion Shops - Citikey London

    Enjoy your trip to London.
  3. If you are in North London, there is Press in Primrose Hill, and Genevieve in Temple Fortune, and Larizia in St Johns Wood High Street. I think that Selfridges does have a pretty good choice too. Hope thgis helps !!!!!!
  4. Liberty also have a great selection - ask for Maxine, she is very knowledgeable!
  5. On another note do you have pistachio Haagen-Dazs? I haven't had it in a year and am dying for some! (We don't have it here)
  6. he he, there is a Haagen-Dazs store in Leicester Square (centre of London), not sure if they have pistachio though ;)
  7. If you're going to be in Knightsbridge to stop at Harvey Nichols (where they have lots of Chloe bags) and Harrods, you might as well stop at the Chloe boutique which is just down the street from Harvey Nichols on SLoane Street (close to the Sloane Square end). Happy shopping!
  8. I will be in London for a week this Sat. Will definitely check out the shops mentioned. Would these shops also have Balenciaga?
  9. Harvey Nicks carries Balenciaga, and Harrods has them at the Balenciaga section of the Ladies International Collections on the 1st (?) floor.
  10. yep, selfridges has a nice Balenciaga range too :smile:
  11. Does anyone know if the prices at all these shops are the same? Are the recommended retail prices that all shops charge?
  12. yes, the prices in all the stores will be the same :yes: