many diff size paddys?

  1. I really wanted to get a Chloe paddington bag but never ordered one online due to the cost and the fact that I've never seen it IRL. I recently took a trip to ATL, GA to see a friend and saw the paddy bag in Neiman Marcus. It was bigger than I have ever imagined. I think that I've seen somewhere on this forum that there's a smaller size or possibly a mini? I ended up getting something else instead of the paddy but I'm still dying to own one. Can my fellow PF post pic w/their paddy bag and state which size it is? Thanks.
  2. Is the medium the largest or is there an actual large size? I can't seem to find the info anywhere on the internet.
  3. There's a mini and the medium in the classic satchel shape and then there are other paddy variations.
    There are a few threads posted with people wearing their paddys.

    This is from yeuxhonette's showcase
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    It's a medium
  4. I asked this question a little while ago, I think there was a larger size, but it's not very common. So there's the medium, which is the most popular size, the mini, and the large, I don't think the larges are made anymore.
  5. I saw a large (seemed super-sized) paddy at Chloe SCP. The SA called it the "48 Hour" paddy bag.
  6. here're the pics i collected from all over PF when i was choosing which to get =).
    bear in mind that as the bottom sags down, the bag looks bigger/different when carried than when sat down.

    it's prob not exhaustive or completely accurate, and i'm unsure about the exact difference bet the larger sizes (maybe some are the same style?), but here's what i have anyway:

    - baby /mini paddy satchel
    - the standard paddy satchel, medium i guess (15x8x8") - this is the usual one.

    * shoulder / hobo (11x14x7") *see pic attached (p/s i don't know who's this bag and pic belongs to! if it's yours, sorry, and do lmk!)

    * the pocket satchel *see pic attached (ETenebris's)

    * the large / shopping tote (18x7x6") *see pic attached (Neiman Marcus's)

    * the 48 hour / travel (is 20 x 11")*see pic attached
    (1st is Neiman Marcus's, 2nd I don't know sorry)

    * tote (13x8x6") *see pic attached (socal's i think, hope you don't mind hun)

    craiehobo.jpg pocketpaddysatcheletenebris.jpg largecarried.jpg paddy48hr20x11.JPG paddylargetravel20x11.JPG whiskeytote13x18x6,handle11.JPG