Chloe Heloise...

  1. I have been admiring this bag for a while now. It just came on NAP in black. I don't know if this is the medium size, or a larger size than that. Does anyone own this one, or know anything about it? The dimensions are 15 x 12 x 6.5.....

  2. its avery classy looking bag!!!
  3. Not YET but they look gorgeous so it is tempting!
  4. I saw a smaller one in the shop in London. I plan to buy it. It is such a gorgeous bag. I saw the size that you mentioned in dark brown as well. In my opinion, a small size looks better in black but the big one looks great in both colors. If you want to check out the smaller one , NAP has one as well but it is in red.

    Great bag!!!
  5. The red one look absolutely stunning! Killer bag!!!
  6. I love love love the Heloise bag. I'm also a huge Nicole Richie fan and she carried this bag to her DUI sentencing. It looks fabulous dressed up or dressed down.
  7. :heart: I love this bag too~ GORGEOUS!!!
  8. This is my favorite bag of the season of all of the designers. Comfortable, yet elegant. Sophisticated, yet relaxed. I've seen the medium in both Taupe and Black and have to say the Taupe looks better, especially with the gold hardware. BUT I need a black bag. What to do?