Chloe Heloise!!! I couldn't resist her...

  1. Hi ladies,

    After sleeping on it for so long, i finally made up my mind to bring her back home:p.

    She's got thick leather and the color is just the perfect shade of red (IMO).

    I'm so happy nowwwww:yahoo:.

    DSC06166.jpg DSC06171.jpg DSC06167.jpg DSC06170.jpg
  2. Congrats. Beautiful color.
  3. WHOA...!!! Absolutely divine. What a fabulous purse - CONGRATS!
  4. Congratulations! :okay:
  5. :yes:OMG! How beautiful is that color! Congrats, it's a great looking Chloe!
  6. She's absolutely divine!!! COngratulations!:nuts:
  7. she is sooo purty....congrats
  8. The Heloise:love:. Congrats and I agree it's the perfect shade of red.
  9. Hands down the most perfect shade of red. I think you made a wise move to buy this bag at full retail (I'm assuming) I really think it's going to sell out!!

    It's the Red Chloe that I truly wanted to buy but couldn't bring myself to pay full retail. Instead I'm getting a rouge Edith from a lovely tpfer.

    I love your bag and am happy that you are bringing her back?? home (did you buy Heloise, return her and then re-buy her again, LOL).....:tup:
  10. Awesome Bag! Congratulations!
  11. What an amazing color and style. I love it.
  12. Beautiful, that's my fav bag and color from this season's collection. Congratulations, know you will enjoy this bag.
  13. Fabulous bag.... I love that color red!
  14. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous bag with us, mameaw. I am seriously considering this bag and just love it in red. I guess I'll also have to consider full retail, since I don't expect it to reach the sales. Congrats and enjoy your lovely bag!
  15. I am eyeing this bag as well!! Congrats and enjoy.