Chloé Heloise Hobo ... or? Opinions please!

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  1. I know that these bags are totally different, but I have to make a decision. Chloé Heloise Hobo in coral - pro: beautiful color, :heart: Chloé, :heart: the style. contra: same colour family as my paraty old pink, need a big black bag.
    The alternative: Prada Bow Bag black- pro: great leather, new style, can be worn over the shoulder and with a shoulder strap. contra: not Chloé
    What do you think?:thinking:

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  2. I REALLY don't like the Prada with the HUGE bows....

    Also beware that the Heloise might be heavy so try to try it on first!
  3. I tried it on, it´s not very heavy. Did you see the Prada bow in real? I think IR they look much better.
  4. I would choose the Heli hobo :tup:, love the colour. Anyway, is it possible to find it in black :confused1:?
  5. I like the Miu Miu bow bags that I have seen pictures of before(that can be worn across body) but this one has too big bows for my taste. I prefer the Heloise hobo.
  6. Heloise!!!:yes:
  7. This would be perfect - but no black :sad:
  8. Bows too big. Heloise all the way.
  9. :sad::sad::sad:...I would buy this Heli in black :sad:...
  10. Another vote for Heloise... maybe in a different colour?
  11. Shivadiva - I bought a black heloise hobo from Harrods last week and returned it today (just 2 hours ago) as it is too big on me. Love the style though and really wish they would come out with one slightly smaller. Anyway, there should definitely be one in stock in Harrods. The chloe boutique on Sloane St also had one in black.
  12. Love my Heli Hobo in Nutmeg. SO light and SO gorgeous, but yes, HUGE. The straps are stretching a bit so it is getting more comfy on my shoulder but it is a huge, albeit lightweight bag. The leather and colors are TDF - I am toying with getting another in light blue - please see my thread for lots of pics and the dreaded modeling pics.
  13. Ah, it's a shame you can't get the Heloise hobo in black. The prada is nice, but I don't know what the big bows would look like IRL.
  14. Just saw the lt. blue Heloise hobo at NM, absolutely beautiful and sooooo lightweight, compared to previous Heli's, I would say go for it!!
  15. I'm partial to the Heloise hobo!