Chloe Heloise AND Patent Paddy Bowler... on SALE!!!!!

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  1. @ Nordies 40% off, call Mary @ 410-296-2111:tup:
    All three styles of the Patent Heloise are included in the sale:party:
  2. Ali W, you are the TPF Santa!:dothewave: Thanks so much for all the great deals you post for us!

    I won't be getting one, but I hope another TPFer does!
  3. Ali - do you know when Nordstrom will be having their second/final cut? I heard the day after Christmas and was just seeing if you heard the same. Thanks in advance!
  4. I haven't heard anything but I do remember that last year second cuts were in the middle of January:yes:!!!
  5. ;) You're so welcome!!! I can't buy all the bags:upsidedown:... So I love to share the wealth:flowers:!

    Besides I love seeing people post the pics of their lovely bags they bought at fabulous prices.