*Chloe'* Heaven's* Missing* Some* Angels*

  1. ... because they are here with me on Earth!!! :wlae:

    1. 03-06-63 chocolate small front pocket Paddington

    2. 02-06-51 cream/sand tall satchel Paddington

    3. 04-06-51 rouge medium classic Paddington

    4. 13-BM-0406 rouge classic Edith

    5. 01-07-51 blanc small Patsy tote

    6. black Paddington cosmetic pouch
    tpf 1.JPG tpf 2.JPG tpf 3.JPG
  2. Great chloe collection
  3. More shots in natural light
    tpf 6.JPG tpf 5.JPG
  4. Fabulous collection!
  5. Wonderful Chloe collection
  6. Nice Collection! thanks for sharing!
  7. Great collection!:woohoo:
  8. I love that red paddy!
  9. Thanks everyone! ;)
  10. Love the Paddington Satchel!
  11. Beautiful Chloe collection! Love the cream tall paddington!!!!
  12. I love your red paddinton! :tup:
  13. Great collection ... wow!
  14. Love your Edith. Any Choos that might be added later on?
  15. Layney - somehow I missed these! They are gorgeous! Love the rouge Edith!