Chloe Hangtags

  1. I did a search & could'nt find this question anywhere. On my Mastic Edith the hangtag says "100% Veau Pleine Fleur" and also "Laiton". And on the card of my Ecureil small Betty it says "100% Ovin". Does anyone know what these words translate to? I was curious to know what type of leather each bag is made of. Thanks for any help with this.;)
  2. the edith tag means calfskin, the betty tag lambskin.

    Veau Pleine Fleur translates from the french as calf full flower (don't know what full flower means, perhaps the age of the calf- someone else might know this).

    Ovin translates as sheep.

    (Laiton is french for brass though I don't know how this might apply to your edith).
  3. Thank you rubylola! I was trying to translate into Italian when my husband said, "I think those might be French words". This also explains why my Betty is so soft!
  4. Laiton does indeed mean brass and refers to the hardware.

    Chloe is a French company, so the hangtags (if not in English) are in French, even though the bags are generally made in Italy (or Romania) these days. :smile: