Chloe handbags


Nov 2, 2005
I like the Paddington as well as anyone - It's a beautifully designed bag and quite the luxurious accessory - Here's my question: Is there a handbag by CHLOE that any of you DON'T like???? :amazed:
I dont like the paddington camera bag thing. Not too fond of some of the silverados either. I think there are bags from every designer that I haven't been impressed with. Can't win them all :biggrin:
the paddington is the only winner for me - i like almost all of their clothes and shoes, though, i think phoebe philo is a genius, i just don't dig most of the bags. but i love the paddington enough to make up for the others.
I don't like that new one with the zippers all over it (help me out with the name, FendiBagLady).

Silverado keeps looking good to me from a distance but when I go close to handle it, not so much.