Chloe handbag is 55% off today @NM

  1. Can't resist anymore, and bought two. Received some scratched ones on last winter 60% off sale, hope this time would be in good condition:smile:
  2. Which bag did you get? Any link?

  3. Congrats, kiwii!!! :tup: I bought those very same two bags from NM - they are amazing but quite different from one another. I ended up falling :heart:head :heart:over :heart:heels :heart:with the White Patsy tote because it is the most delicious and sweet-leather-smelling Chloe I've ever come across :drool:so I kept the Patsy but returned the blanc Edith because it's too formal for my casual lifestyle.

    And you got an awesome deal on the Patsy - I paid $657! Enjoy and let us know over in the Chloe forum if you've kept both or one or the other!!!
  4. holy moly, thanks for posting it IS dirt cheap
  5. thank you GyrlLayney, i am really expecting these.:yahoo: i heard the pasty is a little too soft though, how do you feel? can it stand up as shown in nm photo? i will update when i receive them. :wlae:
  6. Yes, it's buttery soft:drool: and it does NOT stand up at all - which I :heart:love:heart: but you may not. I stand it on its metal feet and fold it over, or I hang it from a hook. I also treated my Patsy with Apple Care Conditioner and Rain and Stain spray. It looks and smells divine!:nuts: