Chloe HAMPTON tote?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone on this board had the Chloe Hampton bag? I've been thinking about getting it for a work/tote bag. It seems like it would hold a ton.

    I've been stalking some on eBay but I don't understand how a bag that retails for $1,500.00 (min.) can sell of eBay for $350.00. Does this mean that they're ALL fakes? I just don't know enough about this bag to be able to tell. I was hoping that since it wasn't as popular of a style that that would mean that it wasn't knocked off as much (as say the paddingon) - but I must be wrong as I just don't see how they could see for so little (given what they cost in a dept. store)

    Does anyone have this bag? Any information or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Haven't seen this one before but if it normally retails for at least $1500 then those that are so much cheaper on eBay are prolly fakes. The imitation market is very quick to churn out fakes these days so it doesn't take long at all before a new design bag is faked.

    Regarding the bag, generally I'm liking it, except for the bottom part, the way it's stiff and segmented like. I know it's practical coz it's prolly quite sturdy this way (and u can carry books, etc) but I just don't like the look of the bottom bit.
  3. Here's a photo of Katie Holmes and her Hampton:

  4. Wow that's a huge bag and she's tall too! I prefer this colour. Looks nicer than the tan/oak one. And hers doesn't look too segmentalised down the bottom which is great. I like the double handle design.
  5. It reminds me (size and shape) of the Gucci horsebit hobo, except for the double handles. If you are going to carry books in it, wouldn't you want a bag you can carry on your shoulder?
  6. ^^It has a shoulder strap, it's detachable. (see my very first photo)
  7. I see it now! for me!