Chloe, Gucci, Celine 50% at BG/NM

  1. Thanks for posting!:yes:
  2. Wow, the first two are still there!
  3. all still available now
  4. Wow, those are some beautiful bags...especially that Celine. Sadly, they are out of my price range but thanks for posting.
  5. I love the Celine bag.

    I am going to have to ban myself from here.

    Before I lose control, totally!!!!!

    Telling myself, "Customs Duty" ~ "Dont do it".

    Somebody save me, and go and grab them.:sweatdrop:
  6. tnx for the links!
  7. ooo very tempting....might get the gucci..
  8. That Chloe Tracy was $664 before. I'm not sure what happened. A few people in the Chloe forum were able to get it for that price by calling instead of buying it online. HTH someone!
  9. Wow, that Celine is stunning.
  10. This time the price is $658.:confused1:
  11. I just checked and $658 is what I paid. I just typed $664 by mistake from the message above mine. But the one for $658 should become available again in a few days as I just returned it.
  12. All are available now!!
  13. i dont reccomend the gucci one, i ended up returning it...its too floppy,no shape and no zipper