Chloe grenat patent leather Betty

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  1. Hello Chloe fans.
    I'm here from the Mulberry forum but recently a beautiful Chloe has caught my eye.
    I'm seeking your expertise - is this a nice bag? What year was it released? Was it popular at the time or quite obscure? Is the patent leather in this colour nice and heavy, or thin?
    Do any of you have this bag and if so, are you a big fan of the style?
  2. Lots of people here love the Betty! I think there's about 4 people currently waiting to find their perfect betty.

    I don't know about the patent leather though sorry.
  3. I have 2 patent Betty's, a tote and chain Betty -they are very durable and beautiful. Love mine!!

    FYI-- there are pics in the Betty reference thread.
  4. Anns Fabulous finds has some great Bettys on sale and I think she has a Grenat chain handle one.
  5. Hi Mona_danya - yes, I have my eye on one of those ... they're so beautiful!
  6. I heard she is having a sale now with an extra% off coupon code. check on the deals and steals thread.
  7. Hmm ... I tried the code [It's BE MINE] and it didn't seem to work. I've emailed Ann who has mostly been very helpful.
    Everyone seems very confident of the authenticity of her bags, but the one I want comes with no authenticity cards. I know fake bags can come with fake cards and the fact there are no cards isn't necessarily a big deal. However, the bag is advertised as new, never even once used.
    I wonder - who would buy such a beautiful bag for so much money only to consign it without using it? Maybe the woman who had it got it from her, say, cad of a boyfriend. But why didn't she include the cards?
    Can someone who has dealt with Ann's Fabulous Finds PM me?
  8. I haven't purchased from her yet so I dunno what to say....but her reputation on this forum is uncomparable.

    Not all bags come with authenticity paper etc...specially when people buy from Last call stores. They often misplace these things. Many handbags fanatics will buy a handbag and not wear and regret it later for any reason....that's no uncommon.

    If authenticity is an issue when don't you have Anne send you pics so the girls on the ATC thread can help you authenticate!
  9. A Betty :confused1:...? A black medium one :confused1:...? What´s that :confused1::shrugs::cursing:...?
    Me too. I don´t have any patent bags...
  10. I have that Betty and its a great bag, its quite heavy the leather is very thick and doesnt collapse at all, it was produced in winter 06, I got mine off ebay some time ago, and I've only seen one listed since then. Hope this helps!!:heart: Theres pics in my album on my profile!!
  11. I have owned a few variations of the betty - but not the patent one - so I can't answer your query with the patent, although chloe does have a good reputation for glossy durable patent with any of their styles. Betty was popular when it came out... Kate Moss and various celebs sort of helped out with that... Chloe lovers here are still huge fans of the style...

  12. haha, I'm sure you will find your black Betty soon :heart:

    ClaireL - I've bought from Anns Fab Finds before. The bag was undeniably authentic and shipping was really fast. Like mona_danya said, if you're unsure, you could always get the bag authenticated on the ATC for your piece of mind. I don't know of anyone on TPF who's had an issue before though. :nogood:
  13. Thanks to all who replied :tup::smile::heart:
    Ann's very excellent photographer sent me some more images and I'm convinced that it's a beautiful bag, it's the bag for me and it's also bound to be useful with all those pockets everywhere.
    And I'm sure the dozens of TPFers who are bag experts can't be wrong! Everyone here uniformly sings Ann's praises and her customer service really has been great so far.
    I'm going to buy the bag tonight. I don't get an extra 15 per cent off as it's already reduced, but hey, it seems pretty reasonable anyway.
    How exciting! My first Chloe!:yahoo:
  14. Congrats! :tup: Do share pictures when your new bag arrives :yes: AFF usually has really fast shipping too, so hopefully you're not waiting too long for it to arrive.
  15. Congrats ClaireL - please show the bag off here when it arrives to you - I'm sure you will love betty!