Chloe gold python silverado 3.4K?????

  1. Hi all! Im new here LOVE my purses. I recently bought a Chloe gold python Silverado-large from a power seller I have shopped with for YEARS on eBay. I have the bag now, LOVE it, no problems there.. But it was posted as originally costing 3.4K, it doesn't really matter, but wondered if that was the case. I have been checking and not sure. I paid $1800 for it and hope that was a good price..(it's new). Any thoughts? :smile:
  2. I'll move this to the Chloe Forum for you . . .
  3. Thanks so much, still learning to get around here!!
  4. I know this bag retailed at £1450 in the UK which is equivalent to about $3000 now. It was a very expensive bag but maybe one of the US gals can confirm the exact US price for you :yes:
  5. Wow, thanks. I Love the bag and acted really quickly without doing my homework, I trust the authenticity, but wasn't sure if she was exaggerating. I will treat it with kidd gloves!!
  6. A couple of the metallic Silveradoes were a little bit more than the regular ones. As I remember, retail was about $2698 for a large non-metallic python. I paid around $2900-3000 pre-tax for a large bronze python bag. I think gold was the same. You got a good deal.