Chloe Gladys...Part Deux...


Dec 23, 2005
Well, now...many of you so generously shared feedback with me regarding my big, bad black funky/cool/interesting Gladys tote were so generous not only in this regard, but also with my silverado "moment" and pocket paddy "issues"...before I share my "resolution" with you, I will review...Gladys I pictured below...


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I had some "issues" with Gladys I...specifically regarding her handle length...the handle drop was just enough to wear on the shoulder, but not quite comfortably...also, I had shoe issues...none of my shoes seemed to fit Gladys just right...While I loved Gladys, I felt Gladys did not love me...(similar to the Edith/Chucky clown reference on another thread)...

BTW, returned the black silverado tote and olive hobo today (sorry for the aside here, as this thread is dedicated to my Gladys saga)...
So... Happy, happy, happy to introduce to you to Gladys II (chocolate hobo)! I love her!!!


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Oooh, that's a funky bag!! I agree, it is a much better fit for you than the black. It looks more in proportion with the longer shoulder drop.

Gotta love those SFAM jeans! My favs. The good old lowrise boot cut fit me best. And they are actually less than $150!
Thank you! Love both chocolate Ramona and chocolate Gladys hobo...think it might be whiskey zippy that gets a bit jealous...not sure where she fits in now...
NO!!!! Ramona is still my girl!

Blue, No top zip on Gladys...she has a large interior pocket...will stash wallet there while in Italy/China/class...

Weiner not booted yet... Love the whiskey color for an alternate, so she may get to stay for a while... (Loved your post here, LMAO!).
Don't like the way my thighs look in one of the pictures...want to say bad camera angle (or I need to work out less, or I need to stay off the Godiva)...oh well, too late to delete now...
All of your bag choices are beautiful and though they may be of the same coloring, they are all so very different in styling. Great collection of bags (I love the Ramona chocolate the best!).