Chloe Gladys Ebay listing 170166087181

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  1. Hello,

    Can anyone out there help me to authenticate this bag...A Chloe Gladys tote 170166087181 ebay listing...I am new to this and not quite sure how it,Friday 21
  2. friday21,
    Post this in the Chloe forum ..
    Go to the Chloe forum, look for the thread marked Chloe Shopping and then the thread titled Authenticate This Chloe.
    Post there, the girls will help you!
  3. Thank you...the listing has ended and the ebay seller blocked me until I could authenticate the bag as I guess she did not want to sell it to me for fear of having misrepresented her listing??? I was never blocked before on ebay and have a perfect seller and buyer reputation...I was just trying to find out about the bag and asked her several questions and then she blocked me until I could authenticate it... it was a frustrating. negative experience as I had no idea as to why I had been blocked and had no communication from the seller...guess I missed new to all of this! Now I know how it works...thank you for your answer!
  4. Did you tell her you were trying to authenticate it here?
  5. I did...but since I did not get an answer from the forum (my fault as I was trying to figure out this process and did not post in the right place) she did not unblock me. She listed as a "guaranteed authentic" but would not sell to me until I went through this forum and had it authenticated...during that time the listing ended, the bag sold, and in between she never let me know that she was blocking me...I tried to bid...asked to be unblocked three days before listing end and she never acknowledged me until now that the listing was over. Long story first frustrating experience with ebay...a quick question to you...thank you so much for your it appropriate to make a posting that you would like to buy a certain bag from someone in the forum if they have one for sale??? Thanks...again for your time...Anne
  6. The fact that she blocked you makes me think she's selling a fake.

    Sorry, but you can't make a posting that you're looking for a certain bag on this forum. Your best bet is to keep looking on eBay, and when you find a bag you want, post in the Chloe forum. You'll get lots of help there.
  7. Again...Thank you so much for your time and help!!
  8. actually, you posted this in the correct place, the Chloe Forum's "Authenticate This Chloe.
    I'll clsoe this as it should be in Chloe and we don't allow duplicate threads.
    Thanks! :biggrin:"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.