Chloe girls converting to Balenciaga because of tPF?

  1. It seems there are a few Chloe lovers who have now become Balenciaga fans because of tPF. I am one for a start. I love my Paddys and came on this forum to learn more and to meet like-minded ladies. However, after I wandered over to the Balenciaga sub-forum, I am hooked. Now my (husband's) bank account is in serious danger due to my double obsession. Anyone out there like me?
  2. One of the reasons I went over to Balenciaga is because of the leather. I love Chloe for their variations in leather. I like how each bag has it's own leather characteristics, not one being like another. With LV, Gucci, Prada, Chanel all of the bags are the exact same. You can go to any boutique or any online shop and order one of those brands without worrying about the leather or whether it is "perfect". You know it will be because they are all manufactured the same. Cookie cutters.

    But that is what I like about Chloe and that is what made me like Balenciaga. I like the obsession with finding the "perfect" leather on a Chloe or Balenciaga. It makes the bag feel more special to me. Even if a million people carry a paddington it makes me feel good to know that my paddington, with its pebbliness and smooshiness, is perfect for me and that no one else has the same exact leather. Balenciaga is the same way. You go on the hunt for the perfect season, the perfect distressed leather, the perfect color.

    It can be fustrating because sometimes the hunt becomes futile. You may have to order, reorder until you find the perfect one. But when you do....ahhhhh, it's fantastic. :love: All other brands pale in comparison. When you've seen on LV or Gucci logo bag, you've seen them all.
  3. I love the way Chloe paddys look. The hardware is TDF :love: . W/ Balenciaga, the colors are sooo vibrant, and the leather is smooshy. Plus, a city bbag can hold a ton of stuff.

    Unless it's an exotic skin or a fendi green spy, i don't see myself buying any brand other than those two.
  4. I use my balenciagas the most... It's my favourite bag to use since I can usually trash it around and have no worries. But I still love Chanel and LV. So pretty. I guess I'd rather have a good range in my bag collection than like ten balenciagas in different colours. Haha ok but maybe 5 in different colours. So many of their colours are TDF! :blush:
  5. In regards to how I rank my current handbag love affairs, it would be:

    1) Chloe
    2) Balenciaga
    3) Louis Vuitton
    4) Chanel
    5) Prada

    Chloe is, and will remain, my #1 love!
  6. Yay this is what I'm going thru right now! :yahoo:

    I saw Lordguinny's bbag here, then I went and sneaked around on balenciaga discussion the whole weekend - Now I've decided to get the first / classique in calcaire, i just need to locate one! :shame:

    I'm still dearly loving my paddys but bbags are just so different, I definitely want them both :love:

    ps. if anyone has any idea where to find one (calcaire the first) in Europe please let me know :flowers: ....I have asked from LVR but havent yet heard anything from them:Push:
  7. Sonja -- Calcaire is a beautiful color and I can tell you, the leather on the calcaire batches were very nice and THICK and definitely no veins. I hope you find your first soon!!
  8. They take forever to answer e-mails, even when I have a firm order for them! Anyway, you are only likely to find calcaire on ebay as it is an older season colour. LVR sells the new season colours plus a few left over from SS 06.
  9. I've been lurking around the Balenciaga for a month or two now.
    After being an LV fan for so many year, I'm really welcoming all the COLOR that you see with the Paddys and Bbags.

    I can't WAIT to get my Bbag.

    I'm really loving how embracing these other designers had completely diversified my handbag collection.

    I've sold off some LV to fund new bags, but my collection seems so much more well rounded now.

    So yeah, you're totally not alone.

    At this point I'm just staying the hell out of the other designer subforums. I saw the YSL muse IRL last month and I could totally see myself wanting one of those if I LOOKED at it enough times...same with some of the new designs put out by Dior.

    It really is an addiction.

    A fun one though!

    Poor, poor PHH!!
  10. Thanks mammab and roxane - now I want calcaire bbag even more baaadly...!!! :biggrin:

    It's a good idea to keep eye on ebay as propably they dont have it on LVR, I hope I can find one in perfect condition... and soon!! :girlsigh:

    Stratsey I know if I lurk around YSL forum I would realize I need one muse aswell, it's dangerous around here..!!! :P
  11. I found myself lusting after a YSL Muse a while ago, but decided I like slouchy bags at the moment. But if I were to look at it a few more times, who knows?
  12. After hearing some people talk about Balenciaga's Bordeaux and Grenat bags, I decided to go over there myself. The colors are so beautiful! :love: I really want to buy one now. The bags sound easy to maintain too. But! I still love chloe bags more. There's something so beautiful about the design of the bag and the thick leather.
  13. Audrey, the BBag Grenat is TDF. I am usually not a burgundy girl, but found myself falling in love with my new Grenat City. I compared the 06 Grenat with the 05 Bordeaux, and the 06 Grenat is redder, while the Bordeau is bluer.
  14. I'm going to try to go down to their boutique tomorrow or Wednesday and look at the colors in person. I know I will end up buying one... :shame:
  15. Audrey....what worries me is that our minds seem to be so alike. It started at the Prada forum with the darn antic line. Then it seems like we both drifted to Chloe, and now I think after Lordguinny's postings about the grenat chloe and comparing it to the grenat B-bag, we had to take a peek over there!!! Now I think I need one!!! My husband is in Chicago and I have already e-mailed him, begging him to stop in Barneys!! He is in shock because 3 weeks ago I couldn't live w/o the Prada, last week it was all about the perfect Chloe, and now I love these Balenciagas. I will stay true to this forum because you guys are so fun, but this madness has got to stop!!