Chloe Girls Ahoi! Hands up if you want to exchange pressies?

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  1. The other designer sub forums have RAOK and Secret Santa happening, so I thought it would be fun if we have one too! We have quite a few regulars here, so this should be fun!

    Hands up if you're interested in exchanging gifts for the holidays? I'm trying to determine if there's enough genuine interest before organising something. It's already mid November so we don't have long to get our acts together if we want to do this! Once we have it organised, we can start shopping! :yahoo:

    So reply to this thread if you're keen. If there's enough interest, we'll come up with some rules and guidelines.

    Just a short list of criterias for participants... :shame:

    - Must be regular posters of the Chloe forum (deserters may be welcome :p)
    - Must be a member of tPF for at least 5 months
    - Must have at least 500 posts that show genuine contribution to tPF (lots of "congrats" and "welcome" messages is not considered contributing)
    - Must have a digital camera for when it's time to reveal the gifts you've received

    Of course there will be some exceptions, so please PM me if you have questions. :flowers:

    Remember this is all in the name of fun! Let's play!
  2. Can I be a tentative yes? I've been viewing the reveals on other sections and there's so much effort put into everything I'm not sure I could measure up!
    I don't have a lot of time but I'll do my best ;)
  3. Do I really have to be a member since 5 months ago?...
    I discoverd tPF a short time ago but I love it and am quite active...
    I am even trying to match the forums current official pet (Chloe the goat) with an ardent admirer (Juan the Iberian goat)...
  4. Oh, Vic! You have to play! It will only be the one present! And we're looking for fun gifts! I've read the other forums, and they look like so much fun! And have always wanted to participate. There's a gift exchange in the general section, which I'm tempted to join. Would much prefer exchanging gifts would girls I talk to!

    Oh by the way, girls, gifts don't have to be Chloe related. And we're going to set a spending limit too.

  5. You mean I shouldn't get my hopes up and expect a Paddy in the post? :lol:
  6. :wlae: I'm a deserter.... but I'd loooove to partecipate!!!
    As Victoria, I don't have much time to organize things perfectly, but I would do my best!!
    Will you accept me? :angel:
  7. Would you be doing the questionnaire the others do? So we know roughly what to buy?
  8. Hi Maria, the minimum 5 months also gives other members a chance to get to know you. If this exchange is successful, I'm sure we'll have something similar during the year next year, which you should be able participate in. So please continue to post, and we'll be sure to have you join us in our next gift exchange! :flowers:

  9. LOL. You give me that Vegas, and I'll give you one! :yahoo:

  10. Oo-er missus! :roflmfao:
  11. Of course Babi! You were one of the top people on my deserter list! ;)
  12. Yep. We'll be using elfster which apparently allows you to ask your assigned buddy questions anonymously. I gotta figure that thing out!
  13. would love to...but i don't think i have enough posts!!!:sad:
  14. Would love to as well. But don't have enough posts and have been a tpf member for about 4 months.:crybaby:I hope you get enough interest. Would love to see the reveals. Hopefully there will be one I can participate in next year.
  15. I do not give up easily...
    If you don't get enough people, why don't you get us newcomers to participate so that we can all have fun? I can get people to know me well very quickly if need be....:p
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